Lord Nightshade

The man who was trapped 14 hours behind the shutter outside Wilco’s.
Became a Facebook celebrity with 103 million views…
& only asked for a single cigarette 

Lord Nightshade

Downward spiral since dad died
Getting me head underground
Fell asleep outside Wilco’s, middle of town
Woke behind the security screen / mind jailed in a world between 

I’m the man they cage everyday.

Metal shutter trap, kicking it
Not a drink to me name, not a fag
Had to piss in the same place
Sleeping in a soaked bag
But mate — for once I felt safe. 

I’m the man they cage everyday
Let’s call me Lord Nightshade.

A lifetime later, morning’s calling
Shouted a kid for a cig
Made a video of me for a laugh.
I’m the man they cage everyday

Lord Nightshade.
I scratch my own skin away.

Dance for quids from the drunks
They like to film me for fun 
For 30 I go naked in the sea
Got 50 you can break an egg on me
Every word a true story:

I’m Lord Nightshade 
The man they cage everyday
I’ve scratched my own skin away
It’s my belief that death’s a relief
And living is when we pay.

(Written in collaboration with Danny)

Lord Nightshade was written at LDHAS (Lancaster & District Homeless Action Service)

The drawing by Maria was made at Back on Track